The 1st 100% recycled 3D printed polycarbonate bike frame.


New01bike is a more than a project, it’s a manifesto.
With this project, eXgineering wanted to elegantly, but loudly express the potential of recycled materials, additive and social interaction.

It’s time to recycle, to share, to invent and to recycle again, enjoying what modernity gives us, not just as individuals, but as intelligent custodians of this wonderful world and as proud stakeholders of this community.
Designed by INDEXLAB and manufactured with Gimac’s technology, New01bike was created to make a custom bike affordable, fast to customise and to produce, by using recyclable and recycled polymers.

New01bike was developed in cooperation with INDEXLAB, a leading design and innovation research lab in Italy and GIMAC, a leader company in the realm of polymer extrusion and robotic additive molding (RAM). Employing technologies that involve robotic manufacturing and computational design processes, the New01bike’s first working prototype takes about eight hours to be manufactured from the ground up, from printing and milling to assembling.

The employment of additive manufacturing processes enables an essential transparent frame - weighing about eight kilograms - to be crafted out of what once could have been safety glasses, CDs, and DVDs.

It is precisely this dedicated algorithm that, through parametrization, further enables the scaling of the project to produce a holistic “design for all” product, enabling the control of every detail, movement, and aspect of the 3D printing and the milling process, to tailor the bike to every possible user; in other words, to skew off from mass serialization and embrace mass customization.